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  1. Radio is an Icom IC-4SRA or IC-2SRA. I think I just ID'ed Jack's binoculars tonight. Rollei 7x42, the civilian version of the Rollei reissue of the Avimo L12A1, the military version is apparently still available from Belomo.
  2. Season 1 Flashlight

    It took more than a decade and a thread that is nearly that old, but I think I finally found the base light for the head. It is a Black and Decker Snakelight that runs on 110VAC. And if anyone is wondering, the head does not come out. The corded light that could clip onto the vest was aparently a completely different light. I thought I had the correct light for the body, but now that I have this light for scale I am not certain.
  3. After a quick search I am not seeing anything either. The only center bar buckle caster I have found in Canada is Century and they do not seem to have a match. http://www.centurycanada.com/home.html I looked at Ohio Travel Bag, but they did not seem to have anything close. Could you post the width of the strap the buckle is on? It looks like it may be a bit over 3/4".
  4. Those are sometimes referred to as Side Gore boots or Jodhpur boots. A quick search has not turned up anything with that sole though. Edit: Looking at the tag on the YourProps boots it could be Made In Australia. That led me R.M. Williams boots. The tag seems to be a pretty good match and they have the low side gore. They still need to be resoled though. http://www.bootsonline.com.au/boots.htm Edit 2: Some Blundstones have the Made in Australia tag as well, but they seem to lack the details on the boot and the little we can see of the logo seems to match R.M. Williams as the tail on the "e" of Blundstone loops back under the name and there is no evidence of that visible on the YourProps boots.
  5. Jacks monocular sight

    It was identified as a Minox MD 6x16 http://www.minox.com/index.php?id=3579&L=2 It looks like Minox may have changed neck strap mounts though.
  6. I still use my OD offworld occasionally and continue to add accessories to the vest.
  7. Here is my movie based loadout. Eventually I hope to pick up more of the correct gear. The current vest is an EOD style with 3 magazine pouches on the other side.
  8. Season 1 Flashlight

    No, this one.
  9. Season 1 Flashlight

    Did anyone ever make any progress on this?
  10. Most of my gear is a hybrid between the movie and SG-1, with a few personal variants thrown in. The next time I have it out I will try to remember to get some pictures.
  11. I am likely going as Frank from Donnie Darko. It is a recycled costume from a few years back, but things have been too crazy lately to work on my Peacekeeper Commando or Mal Coat.
  12. Costumes

    I made the coat, but added some length to make it more practical to local rain and stumbled across a Claiborne shirt that reminded me of the dashed stripe shirt. Edit: Found a picture with the shirt and coat.
  13. Costumes

    Here's what I have: Green Offworld and “Watergate” ECW gear (Stargate SG-1) OD BDUs and Orange Deckhand Coveralls (Battlestar Galactica 2003) Vash (Trigun) Rick Deckard (Blade Runner) Chad Kaplan (Resident Evil) Frank (Donnie Darko) Various Steampunk costumes Middleman (Middleman!) Young Kevin Flynn (Tron: Legacy) Costumes I'm planning: Mal Coat (Firefly) PK Commando (Farscape)
  14. Starbust, I didn't even notice the change between the AC and the G3 kneepads. Good catch.
  15. If all the Crye pants the same, Hawkeye's are the older Combat Pants AC, not the new G3. I don't see any of the tells on his, but the agents with him have the extended belt loops and flap rear pockets, as did the agents on the Hulk retrieval team.