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  1. Oh, I totally agree. And I'm in the "screen accurate" school or prop nazis. However, every SG jacket I have (Including the official MGM offworld jacket) has shown wear due to the fabric choice. I have a buddy who made his own jacket using a poly-cotton ripstop BDU shirt as a base, and his jacket is still looking factory fresh, years later. No, it's not screen accurate... but it's not falling apart. My MGM jacket I had to quit wearing because the fabric near the cuffs is threadbare. But this is a discussion for another thread really.
  2. So do I. In the jacket case, I wish we'd gone poly-cotton and not screen accurate 100% cotton. My SG jacket is showing a little wear.
  3. It will happen. It's just timing right now. I lost my work space, so the soonest I can do anything is when it warms up, which I'm guessing will be May as you can't do resin when it's 30 degrees outside. If someone doesn't want to wait any longer, we can offer store credit for props/costumes from www.Alchemyarms.com or a refund. Refunds will take a little bit to happen because Dan's new job pays him once a month. So there ARE options. Let us know if you want to continue waiting, or pursue another option listed above. You can always feel free to email us as well at: sales@alchemyarms.com dan@alchemyarms.com Russ@alchemyarms.com alchemyarms@gmail.com Russ
  4. Pretty sure that everyone who visits here is well aware that we were down for a bit. There were several issues behind the scenes including a billing Snafu and some issues with the forum software being out of date. Thanks to a talented forum member (Anubis Jaffa FTW!) We're back up and running. However... All the custom graphics and such have gone the way of the dodo. We're going to work on updating the site and doing some streamlining of certain things. WIth a new Stargate series in the works, it's time to revitalize the Stargate sections as well. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask Riceball or anyone listed as a site Moderator/Admin. Thanks for visiting Scifihero.net! -Russ
  5. I think I had over $600 into my TF3 rifle when I still had it. You need the Black ACR/Masada, quad rail foregrip, Magpul Angled forward grip, EOtech red dot, flip to side magnifier scope... sliding buttstock... There may have been a different flash hider and/or suppressor as well. Lots of cash. This is cheaper than the actual Magpul model... https://www.evike.com/products/33324/ This is NOT a cheap costume to do if you want to be accurate.
  6. The more accurate armor is still available on ebay. Price fluxuates from $50 to $100. Most of the different components should still be available.
  7. Really hard to believe that rifle is 1:6 scale. Very nicely done!
  8. In the fictional BSG weapon manuals I created, I believe we used one of the existing selector switches as a select fire switch. Again, it's sci-fi. The clamshell pistol I said used a 2 stage bullet allowing it to fire 12 rounds. How do I know it fires that many? I don't. However, It's canon that the CS shoots at least 8 rounds without any reload. I counted in the episode where Starbuck is in the museum on Caprica looking for the Arrow. She fires 8 times with no reload at a Caprica 6 model Cylon.
  9. Alternate Pilots' Belt

    Honestly... it's just gack. "scifi greeblies" that look cool but serve no real purpose. The mag pouches, for example, are designed for a 9mm Beretta, while the BSG pistol was a FN 5-7 with totally different magazine dimensions.
  10. For some reason my reply went missing. Well, to recap... The shirt and hat were dyed blue by the film costuming department. I think the reason they did it, using dye on the Mandrake gave the end result a lighter blue color than using the Typhon. This is an actual film used costume: And because a lot of the film is shot in dark environments, they didn't want everyone to disappear into the background because the camo is too dark. It's a movie and not a real military operation. Updated again with info/pics on Watches and patches.
  11. RESERVED FOR WEAPON/GEAR INFO. Moved Camo Dying answers to post below.
  12. Basic Guide to creating the Jurassic World ACU (Asset Containment Unit) trooper uniform. as seen in the film, Jurassic World (2015) When possible, I will give "bargain" priced alternatives. REAL DEAL This image is a film used costume in good lighting. Hat: The ballcap is a standard low profile cap in Vertx Kryptek Mandrake camo, dyed blue by the film production/costuming department. This is a same style hat in Kryptek Typhon. Typhon is a darker shade than the overdyed Mandrake, but is a good alternative if you don't want to deal with dying your uniform. Shirt: Screen used shirt style is the Vertx Kryptek Mandrake Gunfighter shirt. This shirt is a "green" color but was redyed a blue color for the film. Some fans have used RIT Evening Blue Dye to get a similar color as the film used shirts. Official Kryptek Mandrake shirts cost around $90. Budget (knockoff) shirts in Typhon pattern cost around $50 (That's Shirt AND Pants). Typhon is a darker blue than the dyed Mandrake, but are ready to wear. Typically on eBay you can find the shirt and pants as a set, but for the ACU uniform you only need the shirt. Pants: The trousers are 5.11 Tactical brand, Stryke pants in Storm grey color. Typical cost is around $75 UPDATE 6/2017: It's been suggested that the pants color is closer to a "Charcoal" color than the "Storm Grey." "Budget" pants are the 5.11 Taclite Pro pants also in Storm Grey. They cost appx. $50. The difference between the two styles is the Stryke pants have duplicate utility knife "slash" pockets on the upper thigh. The Taclite Pro pants have one slash pocket, and one external flap covered pocket. Both styles have standard thigh cargo pockets. Boots: I'm sensing a trend, but the boots worn are 5.11 Tactical RECON boot #12325 in Storm Grey. Typical retail price as of this writing is appx. $140. "Budget"... well, the overall style will be wrong but most any nylon & leather tactical boot will work. And since nylon (and with a little sanding paper, leather) will take paint, you could spraypaint the boots a light grey color. Total cost including paint, under $50. If I was going this route, I'd get a coyote/tan, desert style combat boot with a suede texture on the leather parts. The leather will absorb paint better than a smooth/glossy leather product. Tactical Vest: Starting to sound like a broken record, but the tactical vest is made by... yes, you guessed it, 5.11 Tactical! The style is the 5.11 Tactical TacTec Plate Carrier... in Storm Grey. This is actual law enforcement gear, and good quality. Typical price is appx. $189.00 You can get them on sale sometimes as low as $120-150. Budget... well, this style is pretty unique. There's no cheap airsoft model that's an exact match. There are a few that are in the ballpark as far as design, but the Storm color is the hard part to find. In theory you could (like the boots) paint a coyote vest grey, but I've never attempted to paint a nylon item this large. Generic plate carrier vests can be found on eBay for as little as $25, so if you're looking to save some money, and can deal with not being screen accurate to the film, it _might_ be an alternative. I take no responsibility however if it doesn't work out. BELT: The belt is kind of unique. It's an Ares Gear Aegis Enhanced Belt (black with silver buckle). Thanks to the RPF members for IDing the belt. The Aegis belt typically sells for... $125.00 but you can sometimes find it on sale for $114. Yes, the Belt costs more than the shirt and pants. Now, you can always get by with something close and paint the buckle silver, but to get that film accurate look, you have to pay. Patches: There are 3 patches on the uniform, all an embossed Rubber style with hook & loop backing. The hat has "ACU" the armor has a wide "ACU" and on the sleeve there's a Shield shaped patch. There's a vendor on Etsy (Honeybadger) who sells complete screen accurate sets of patches for about $40 shipped with hook and loop backing, ready to attach to a uniform. There are also embroidered versions available. In most situations they're only slightly cheaper in price... but they're not as nice, or screen accurate, and they usually don't come with hook & loop backing. Watch/Locator: The wrist watch worn by ACU members is the first generation Samsung Galaxy Gear RM-V700 Black Color. You want the original Galaxy Gear and not the Galaxy Gear S or "2." The "S" model removed the camera bump and added a narrow button on the watch front bezel. The "2" model added a larger button on the bezel. Since they're so old now, you should be able to find them pretty cheap. The first gen model had that distinctive "bump" on the wrist band. That bump is a built in camera. Later models of the watch did not have that visual feature. Typical eBay prices for a working Gear are $50-$100. The watch is NOT waterproof, so you want to be careful when running through the jungle from an Indominus Rex. ( ) If you don't want to buy a real watch, there were "Samsung Galaxy gear dummy" display models on eBay for around $15. Weapons... Coming Soon.