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  1. Hello... Yes.. I still have a few in stock.. send paypal to damaris[at]dc-media[dot]com. They cost $3.00 shipped! Keep in mind that these are iron on transfers.. DO NOT get them wet.. you have to spot wash your shirt!
  2. Cant wait to see you all there... this is going to be EPIC!!
  3. My tailer in Orlando charged me $40.00 But it was worth it!!! I believe what the tailored did was cut off the waist band and re attached it about 1 1/2 inches down. Here are some better detailed photos: The tailors cut the waist band and simply lowered it.. you can tell because the original belt loops and adjuster band are still attached.. well.. the bottom of the lops are loose. And here's they are with the modified belt loops: Front Back I hope this helps
  4. SciFiHero.net Group Dinner

    Pay pal sent
  5. Thanks gang.. the belt loops are next. I should be taking care of that this week.. just in time for DCon
  6. Ok gang.. Im so sick of wearing these traditional high waisted BDU pants.. So I decided to buy an new pair from my local army navy store and took them directly to my tailors this week.. two days later... It was the best decision I've made in a long.. long.. time.. check out the results: Sorry about the picture quality.. the flash kept getting in the way of a clear shot.. (where's Cass when I need her?) :tongue: If any of you ladies were thinking about doing this!! GO FOR IT!! They look 110% better :thumbsup:
  7. SciFiHero.net Group Dinner

    Add me to the list.. I'll paypal you once I have some available funds
  8. Baby on Board! Ethan William Kim

    Congratulations, Dan and Mindy.. now the real work begins Ethan is a wonderful name.. My twin son is also named Ethan
  9. Any update as far as a prototype, Dan?
  10. Ripley's "Aliens" Costume

    Is that Bill Gates?
  11. Kevin Smith is one talented mother frakker... Im looking forward to this ep.
  12. Quite a day!

    Excellent work you two!!!
  13. How about this scope? http://cgi.ebay.com/Guarder-QD-4x-Optical-...ksid=p1638.m118 Before I commit in purchasing this.. Will this fit the Airsoft MP7?
  14. The ball is a size 1 soccer ball