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  1. This run is closed. All units sold. Thanks Dave
  2. USB

    Hey Dan! When are you gonna cast these? I'd loan you mine, but I'm still waiting on the knuckle dragger greeblie I sent you. - Dave
  3. Warrant officer

    Wikipedia states: The master-at-arms is a ship's senior rating, normally carrying the rank of Chief Petty Officer or Warrant Officer. In the United States Navy, an MA is the rating primarily concerned with law enforcement, and good order and discipline. They serve as a military police force onboard Naval ships and installations
  4. Doing a small run of these. Just the LED O2 panels. Not doing the pouches unless there is enough interest. Dgasser did a fancier version back in 2009 for about $60. Don't know if he's still doing these. But I was asked to make a few of my budget panels. As you can see, they are the same size and work just like in the show. They have a simple toggle switch that switches between colors and can operate for several days on a 9v. $35 each plus $5 shipping in the US Taking Paypal: dsw_777"AT"hotmail.com (Please include your Callsign so I know who's who.) Thanks! - Dave Dgasser's is the green one. Here are pictures of the panel in the pouch with window that is sewn to sleeve. I replaced the dgasser board with my own and here is how it looks in my suit.
  5. black tank top

    Hee, hee.. I still lurk here and there. Thanks for the welcome back Riceball! Yup. That pretty much sums it up!
  6. black tank top

    As far as I know: Novos Geeks is for non screen accurate items. Anovos is for screen accurate reproductions. Given that the cheaper tops are not made the same way as the screen used reproductions they are offered at Novos Geek. They are both nice sets. I believe the cheaper set uses an alternate material which closely matches the original sets. The screen used reproductions were custom dyed to match the actual tops and use the same materials, hence the higher cost. I have the less expensive set and it's comfy under my duty blues and deck crew uniform. It's hot in my flightsuit. But I think either set would be hot in a flightsuit. Hope this info helps.
  7. The RPF hacked

    More info can be found on this youtube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDLSHJEopNU
  8. Sidearm SFX

    You might want the firing sound from when Admiral Cain is shot by Gena doesnt have any background sound. Ressurection Ship: Part 2 35 minutes in.
  9. Mama Duck getting married

    Congrats Mamaduck! I'm getting married Oct 2012 and was thinking of having my bachelor party at dcon.
  10. Thanks! Good to know. Been thinking about replacing my coat with something a little more accurate. But I think I will and see if they correct a few more things.
  11. These must not have been out long. Didn't see a thread on it, so I thought I would post. http://www.abbyshot.com/products/ps-captai...ck-harkness.php
  12. That's right! Dan has great duty blues (As seen in my sig and avatar). My mind was stuck on the flight deck.
  13. The first pic was a photo that costumebase use to display on their ebay sales. I copied it for reference. I don't know of any source that sells them anymore. I'm thinking they probably stopped because the vinyl was notorious for tearing after wearing the suits a couple of times. Have you tried contacting Simon Poon? He's the original manufacturer over in Singapore. Have you considered going as a "knuckledragger" instead? You can get a screen accurate one for about $300-$400
  14. Sorry nugget. I hate to break it to you, but my screen accurate outfit is in the range of 2500-3000 complete and took four years to put together. I'm not willing to part with it anytime soon. You might think that's high. But I was at the BSG auctions and screen used suits went for 5 grand. That didn't include helmets which went for another 5 grand. I originally started with a CB suit, but I wanted something more acccurate over time. But accurate costuming usually isn't cheap. Generally if you don't have the skills or time you fork out money to pay other people for their efforts. You can save money by doing your own builds and you save a lot of time by using research found on scifihero. I bought a CB suit for 150 in the beginning and spent a couple hundred more making it look better based on info I found on this board. Other people liked my work and paid me to mod their CB suits. With the money I made it went towards what I have today.