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  1. Injured, but not dead

  2. Injured, but not dead

    Injured my back last September and still not back to work. I'm back on-line now that I have a new computer. R. D. Anderson will be at ECCC in 2014..
  3. No.. I'll have to look for an image. I did e-mail, but got no reply. I have checked Tandy Leather, E-Bay
  4. I'm looking for replacement Cam Buckles used on the SIDI Full Bore boots.
  5. Costumes

    I'm doing a multi cam zombie hunter outfit too.
  6. First Weekend: Piratical Plunder Second Weekend: Fantastical Faeries We are going the first weekend in pirate costumes, but looking at a SG 12 Offworld visit the second weekend. Anyone want to join.
  7. Emerald City Comic Con, Seattle

    I'm hoping to go with my Daughter, but we will be going Saturday if we make it
  8. ECCC

    Stargate guest this year...
  9. The site went down and while it was down it stolen. DO NOT USE therpf.com!!!
  10. Starblazers movie costumes

    Did you just use OD BDU pants?
  11. Starblazers movie costumes

    Nice.... I will have to wait until after the first of Jan to do this costume.. It willl give me time to work on more details... Maybe by then someone will do the sidearm too.
  12. 2011 Washington Renfest

    Well Cara and I are back.. Once again we were welcomed back by most.. We were greated with music Then we ran into Vikings.. Didn't have the hart to tell them there gods are little grey men Then we met someone who said he was fighting evil.. Not too sure about that Good vs evil??? We even got to meet Captin Jack Sparow Even here times are tough.. Not sure how long this guy had been out of work Strange creatures were out too Not exactly the wench I was hoping to see
  13. 2011 Washington Renfest

    Cara and I have our gear preped for our off world trip tomorrow.. Loaded extra gear we have incase anyone from her wants to join us... Shoot me a PM if going and I can give you my cell # if you want to hook up..
  14. Things for SG12 to do in 2011(or anyone who wants to)

    Almost at the one week countdown...