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  1. A picture tells a thousand words

    Hey, he was an early adopter. And quite frankly, the effects in the original trilogy don't hold all that well to the test of time, either. Perhaps at the time, the novelty really wowed us. By the way, he was an early adopter of those techniques, too. Hell, I think his company invented those, too.
  2. I think it's highly unrealistic to expect development of next-generation fighter aircraft within a timeframe of 5 years, for a variety of reasons. 1) Multi-functionality. The aircraft are expected to fulfill a variety of roles compared to the past, more bang for the buck. Every time you add mission requirements, you add cost and development time. No way around it. 2) Feature creep. You want supercruise without afterburners? Increased combat radius? Well, not exactly off-the-shelf features. 3) If you're drawing comparisons to other aircraft, well, the MiG-29 took nine years to develop, from the start of initial design work in 1974 to completion of acceptance trials in 1984. Similar timeframe for the Su-27. 4) The government bureaucracy is the customer. Enough said.
  3. Dan's Temporarily MIA... (Week of 6/3/09)

    How can you resist that one? The nice, shiny, happy button?
  4. I created another set of shoulder panels with the new pattern and stitched them on to a blouse, taking pictures along the way. Picasa photo journal updated. If there are any questions or comments, please add them here and not in the photo journal --- I tend to miss or overlook the comments there.
  5. The wreath is a modified (Army) ROTC Academic Achievement insignia.
  6. I don't have natural tailoring ability myself, so I feel your pain. I'd recommend using a washable, temporary fabric glue, used sparingly, to tack the material in place for stitching. It allows you to play with the placement before the actual sewing, even try the garment on for a final check before putting it under the needle. As for the actual sewing, it's a simple straight stitch on a machine.
  7. With the availability of photos of uniforms sold in the recent Battlestar Galactica auctions, I revised the shoulder patterns, which appear much simpler than thought. Later uniforms also appear to omit the shoulder seams - much more straightforward. Hope to get around to implementing this change soon ...
  8. BSG-75 OD fatigue shirt

    As featured in my OD fatigues construction journal ... Constructed from a "Tru-Spec" 4-pocket blouse, size Large-Regular, hemmed for a 33" sleeve, "broken in" with 1-2 wash cycles. Featuring forest green microsuede shoulder/sleeve panels (color approaches olive brown in incandescent and sunlight), 1" Duraflex Stealth buckles on chest pockets and cuffs with forest green nylon webbing straps, 3.5" diameter woven BSG 75 patch (from Scifihero.net) on left shoulder, modified sleeve cuffs to approximate Chief Tyrol's (buckles towards inseam) Collars have small holes from rank insignia (not included). Spots of frayed fabric where the lower pocket flaps were seam-ripped off because of tight reinforced stitching, less visible with the shirt tucked under trousers and belt. Sleeves were not cut during hemming, so they can still be let out. Because this was a "testbed" for replicating the uniform, I am asking for pretty much cost of materials and shipping. $55 Actual item pictured below (insignia, dogtags not included): UPDATE: No longer available
  9. After much procrastination, another step completed ... the sleeve buckles. http://picasaweb.google.com/arsenio.ibay/B...feat=directlink
  10. They will be auctioning a boatload of Galactica sets and props in January, and the auction catalog is available in PDF format: http://www.battlestarprops.com/battlestar-...e-for-download/ Various costumes are pictured, which are handy references for do-it-yourselfers. Attached is an image of Tyrol's fatigues.
  11. My altered BDU Pants

    My guess would be that the inseam was taken in to lower the waist as well as reduce the pantlegs, and the cuffs, too. Am I close?
  12. Under fluorescent lights, the material is indeed a dark green; in light that has more yellow to it (incandescent, daylight, etc), it looks brown. On the show, the patches sometimes appear green, other times brownish - it might be the light thing, although it has been mentioned in the video podcasts that they are always doing color adjustments during editing. The patches on the khaki fatigues, though, are a consistent brown, which leads me to believe that a different material is used on those.
  13. added pictures of some intermediate steps
  14. AVN WOCS Packet

    Good luck. When do you expect the accessions board results?
  15. Uploaded picture of 2nd version