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  1. BDU Question

    Ah, that makes sense. Also, curse you and your shinies! ... we can talk more in PM.
  2. BDU Question

    I have a BDU question... I'm almost done with mine. Unfortunately I've decided the Pegasus patch I got is simply too pretty to mar with stitching, so I'm going to use one of my Galactica patches. Problems: All my Galactica patches are 4 inch I have no idea which patch should go on the BDUs. I thought it was the olive drab patch (the subdued one) but looking at screenshots... they didn't seriously put the shiny gold patch on BDUs, right? I have one in brown and tan that looks kind of like the one in Lostncybr's pictures. Which patch was on the actual BDUs? I have an olive drab patch, a white-on-black patch, the brown-on-tan, and the shiny gold... the last one is in my shadow box and I really don't want to take it apart (though I suppose the Too Pretty Pegasus patch could go live in the shadow box). Help? Thank you
  3. Starbuck's Buccaneers Jacket

    Yeah, that sounds right (that it was mass produced). I know companies that make similar things, but I haven't found that exact jacket yet. I'll give Eggroll a call. Thank you!
  4. Hello, First post, yay! Anyway. What do you guys know about Starbuck's gray and black Buccaneer's jacket? Is that a commercially produced jacket, and if so, where do I get one? (And thank you for being such a wonderful resource; this is the first question I've had that a simple search around the site hasn't answered.)