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  1. You still won't answer the questions: Why would that many people have been involved in that big a conspiracy, over so many centuries, with nothing to show for it? What would all these people (again, almost every single human being, in every nation, for the last several centuries) get out of that? What benefit do they gain from it? Are you honestly telling us this is simply the largest practical joke ever attempted? If not, what's it all for? What profit does anyone get about saying it's a sphere, if it's not? How could you possibly get that many people to agree to lie about something that big, over such a long timeframe, when you can't get them to agree to almost anything else? Why hasn't anyone like you simply paid to fly to the edge and taken photos of it? The truly funny part about this is that there actually is a conspiracy taking place here. You and folks of your ilk are the perpetuators of it. It staggers the imagination that this is graining traction and is anything other than a really good joke.
  2. You're hilarious. You look at only the stuff that supports your premise and ignore over a thousand years of scientific data. You've also ignored every single one of my questions, refusing to give any reason even how there could be a conspiracy that large, over so many centuries (and involving, well, pretty much everyone that ever lived between the era of the Roman Empire and now), and for what purpose. Also, you're former Navy (a truly scary thought) and you've apparently never asked anyone who ever went to sea about this, especially the ones who got close to the 'edge', which would certainly have to be something known by said Navy if this were anything other than a laughable fantasy. I showed this thread to a old friend who commands a destroyer for the US Navy. He thought I was messing with him and did an internet search for this kind of thing. His response was classic, "This guy can't possibly have gone to sea in the Navy" ad well as pointing out that his charts or orders have never said anything about an 'edge'. As I mentioned before, this is where the internet has gotten us: You declare a downright insane concept as 'proven' and 'undisputable' You provide no real evidence You give extremely shaky concepts, if any at all Then, you count on the people reading your drivel to not stop and use their heads and instead be lazy to just accept your word alone with nothing to truly back it up You dismiss all evidence to the contrary and anyone associated with it You declare a nameless, faceless conspiracy that involves almost every single person who ever lived, without explaining the benefit for said conspiracy if it actually existed Then, you demean those who argue to the contrary as 'sheep' or something equally insulting And after a while, a core of people who will only listen to their pre-conceived notions starts to form ranks and won't allow any word to the contrary That, boy and girls, is how this stuff keeps going in the face of any logic. Time was, you had to actually meet one of these tinfoil hat-wearing nutjobs to even hear of it. Now, with the internet, something that would have been laughable since the era of Plato has gained traction again, based on the above point alone.
  3. has anyone else seen the uniforms from Pacific Rim Uprising and wonder how they could get something like that? Love the 'flight' jackets, would make one in a heartbeat if I could find someone to make the Velcro leather nameplates: '
  4. So, Stitch, what did your Navy buddies say when you asked about the flat earth? Have any of them admitted to sailing to the edge? If not (and I'm sure none did, and almost as sure you never asked any of them), how did it feel serving in a branch that apparently is part of this (fictional) conspiracy of yours? Why haven't people of your ilk mounted an expedition to the edge to prove this silly 'point'? And, for that matter, you have not yet explained the reason why everyone in science, politics, and commerce would be in a conspiracy that spans several hundred years. What could possibly be the end goal? I've asked that question at least a couple of times now, and I think you're ignoring it. Like I wrote earlier; stop, and think. Either the world is round, or absolutely every single person in science, education, politics, Commerce, and everyone else for that matter is in on it. I can't think of a single in goal for that, nor any binding reason that that many people would go along with it, over such a long period of time. I find it almost laughable that people such as yourself only look at the supposed information from others of your type, and then challenging everyone else to prove what has honestly been proven countless times before. You, and no one like you, have provided any kind of reason for such a conspiracy, or benefit of anyone taking part in it.
  5. Hi from Washington State BSG fan!

    Cool, I live in the Centralia area. Ever think of getting onto the USS Turner Joy with your BSG stuff for photos once you're done? Did you make the Seattle BSG exhibit a few years ago? I was lucky enough to be there for the opening and some of the events they had while it was still there...
  6. There's an episode where (I think) Apollo and Starbuck are trapped on a firing range and one of them uses a grenade to blast through the door? But I don't recall them showing how it was set off, so I'm equally clueless as to where the trigger was. But it did show it being used. I've handled one of the screen-used real pistols and there was no trigger made for the launcher on it.
  7. That's the problem with collecting for a while, you start forgetting where you got stuff!
  8. Cool! I have a few of those myself, but not nearly as many as that. Those printed ribbons racks make a lot of sense in a ‘real life’ scenario, in that they don’t have to pay to ship real medals and ribbons out to the troops in space and can change uniforms to correctly reflect new awards in seconds. But they looked awful and I don’t recall seeing them but on just a few episodes (I really need to go back and re-watch the series again as it’s been a few years for me since the last time).
  9. WOW. Are these 3D prints going to be offered to others who might want to model them?
  10. Marine PASGT Helmet

    Check the date. It was made the year the show got cancelled. No way it's from the show!
  11. Chig Munitions Crate

    Aw MAN, I live too far away to go get this...
  12. S2 pistol "grenade".

    I'm still wondering where the bathroom (WC to you Brits) is on the USS Enterprise!
  13. S2 pistol "grenade".

    In sci-fi, hardly anyone ever carries more ammo and NOBODY ever carries food or water...
  14. Space: Above aand Beyond paper props

    I wonder how many of those Cooper honorable discharge certificates they made? I've seen several for sale over the years.