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  1. I used black tandy snaps on mine, i used tons of snaps on my SW gear but had no idea they came in black as well. I found that if I went a little too far when I set the snap it would dish it out and look correct, or at lesat more like the snaps used on the flightsuit and deckgang uniforms. sorry for the con pic its the only one that really shows anything of my snaps.
  2. OMG Daniel you totally rule!!!!!! This solves a lot of my questions of 'what is that in the shadow under the sheild?" Have you any idea what the origin of the primary ribbed suit is? it really looks familar but I cant place it, it remeinds me of some kind of sports/ training suit. The rest looks like lots of fiberglass layup and good old scratchbuilding. Two years.....I have two years to finish! Sweet!! thanks man!! Dewka
  3. Hi! After discussion with my wife and seeing some really well done Leelu Dallas' (MULTI-PASS!) at D*C last weekend, I have decided that in the next two years for D*C 2011 I will create an NYPD uniform. I also notice that I am the right build for this as the majority of the actors were pretty big. I'm not real good with sceenshots and such so I will gathe what I can from the net, but if anyone has any good captures, or any good leads on information on the weapons ( I will post over at the Blaster Buiilders Club too) I would be most appreciative! thanks! Dewka Ti4019, Bast Alpha Garrison
  4. I found the proper no-tool grommet at Joanns fabric. Strange as that is, because they have pretty much phased real fabric out for cutesy prints and furniture of all things. I figured out how to do the leg cuffs too so those will appear canon. thanks for the link! I was able to get into that. I also got ahold of lostncyber for info on his patch stock. One month to go till I premier this. The vest material is the next purchase on Friday (payday for me!) Thanks for the help Guys!
  5. Sweet! Thanks for the solid info. I will PM him. I still have the vest and boots to purchase but I sat down at the sewing machine and stitched the silver reflective tape and that came out well, and I found black snaps from Tandy. So, a couple more pieces and I will be well on my way. Thanks again!! ____________________EDIT-------------- I cant find the thread you mention so I will have to assume that is in the base exchange. If your forums work anything like the 501st forums I would have to be a full member in order to access them. is full membership of some sort required to access the rest of the forum? thanks
  6. hello! I know I am getting in rather late now that the show has ended (what will I DO with my Friday nights now???) I am new and have been reading the forums for the last couple of weeks, I am beginning a deck crewman uniform. I work on aircraft as my full time job, so this is a natural costume for me and I plan to carry some of my more unusual and interesting special tools in my vest. I am with the 501st Legion as well so a lot of my time has gone into finishing another costume recently. I already have the RedKap coveralls and the yellow and silver reflective material. I will be putting in my order with Canal Rubber for the vest material and I located the right gloves in a local store. I recieved two patches in the mail yesterday from Patchgeeks, but I am not very happy with either one of them. One is a woven mustard color and the other is a gold foil which to my tired eyes just does not look right. I don't have access to much of the forum but from what I can see, neither of these patches are correct. I will be picking up the tank and shirt soon, and if needed I will dye to match, as well as the cranial and headphones. If anyone can guide me in the direction of a canon knuckledragger shoulder patch, I would be most thankful! David