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  1. BSG Vipers Original and New

    Great to see how these things run in your family!
  2. Did anyone ever discover who made the digital camo doctor Rod described?
  3. Firefly

    I remembered I never got around to posting pics of the Firefly Cosplay that I did with a group of friends last year. Thought you might enjoy a few of them. And here's one of me posing as Malcolm Reynolds with Castle...
  4. Thanks guys . It took me about an hour. I thought of using cardstock but couldn't get my hands on any, so in the end I just got to that point that I thought I might as well do it by hand. Otherwise I would probably never have finished it.
  5. Well, here's one I found. The bootleg DVD covers are not getting any better. Maybe the Cylon religion had them confused because this looks like Kingdom of heaven to me. Edit: Frack.Can't seem to upload the image. But trust me. It's bad... :-(
  6. Wow. 25 Euros is a really good deal. They didn't happen to have any more of them did they?
  7. Thank you. I did do it by hand.
  8. And this is what I ended up with:
  9. Finally had some free time to start working on this project again. This is what I am aiming for:
  10. new BSG movie

    This is very interesting. I remember at the time that Moore came up with his version, I was very skeptical about it, but I ended up loving the show. So I will keep an open mind about this one as well.
  11. I have always worn the Meindl Combat boot with them. A very light and surprisingly comfortable boot, that also has the Vibram sole that can be clearly seen in the series.
  12. Great stuff man. As another aspiring Viper pilot I am following this with excitement!
  13. I noticed the hero prop of the watch Lee Adama wears in Ressurection Ship on Ebay. The COA from Propworx says that it is a watch made by Nixon and modified to read ‘asmodei’. So I was kind of curious if anybody happened to know which watch they used for this, as Nixon watches seem relatively easy to come by. Cheers, Artus
  14. Well, this is what turned up in the post for me. Close enough for my account. Just have to clean it up...
  15. Making my BDU!

    Amazing shot Aurora. Love it! And Doc, that would go completely against the whole 'trying to remember where I parked the Raptor' look she has on her face.