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  1. FS BSG BDU Conversion Kits

    I've received the conversion kit, thanks.
  2. Question on BDU

    Ok thanks a lot.
  3. Question on BDU

    My question really was do you use a coat or shirt for the costume? Like would a coat be to thick? Like would this Propper BD 4-Pocket Coat work, just asking because since I will mostly be ordering online since there are no army surplus stores around I don't want to be stuck order the wrong thing.
  4. Hello, i'm looking at making a BSG BDU, and have look at the guide and found where i can get the BDU, but i am confuse on if we use a BDU coat or shirt? Cause in the instructions they use a 4 pocket top, but those i can only find in coats and not shirts.
  5. FS BSG BDU Conversion Kits

    payment sent for BDU shirt and belt kit
  6. FS BSG BDU Conversion Kits

    So i just send 65$ us to lostncybr@aol.com trough paypal to get both kits.
  7. FS BSG BDU Conversion Kits

    What size? Im not looking at ordering the costume, just the kits, i will be making the costume myself. Is there a different one depending on what size of BDU you get?
  8. FS BSG BDU Conversion Kits

    Hello, I was wondering if the kits where still available, was looking at getting both of them.