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    playing w my monsters, costuming, zombies!, Milla Jovovich, anything fantasy of sci fi. esp. SW, SG1, (almost anything filmed in Van. actually) needlework, painting, silkscreen.... <br /><br /><br />oh, i have two diplomas, one in Art and one in Library and Information Services. <br /><br />and i like to do my art at night, so i sleep after my kids go to school...
  1. SG-16 staying Active thread.

    Maybe i will see you at the Cantina on Saturday?
  2. Interest Thread - Eureka Sheriff's Badge

    tripoli can you send me a pm with your sources, i would like the information thanks adi
  3. SG-16 staying Active thread.

    great job on everyone that won something!
  4. yeah the knives come from the magic of the propmaster, there is no where in her outfit to holster the knives adi
  5. SG-16 staying Active thread.

    Ultimately it seems that we are in agreement on a gathering for SGU
  6. SG-16 staying Active thread.

    Respectively, we would not exclude you if we do decide to get together to play catch up
  7. SG-16 staying Active thread.

    People must have so many other things to do, we should have an SG-16 meeting where we watch a bunch of eps together!
  8. i could if you like, it's pretty sweet. i will link you to it on fb you know i know the guy that designed the REPO outfit for Antony Stewart Head

    adi here, i am SG 16 but i love you all so i will report for duty here as well forums are slow it seems
  10. those are great Liz, i should find my grave robber costume pic and post it up for you to see.
  11. did i ask for any? i need 3 send me the delios Kronk, i need stars, umbrella, and actual Alice, .... anyways, take care of everyone else first, let me know when you need stuff from me and i will provide, hugs
  12. SG-16 staying Active thread.

    Maybe i should sit down and watch SGU i am so embarrassed at how behind i am in my Stargate watching
  13. Naruto Costuming

    Phillipe (older monster) wants a saske costume? Has anyone done this? i would love a place to start from, like if anyone knows of a pattern to mod for the top? thnx
  14. My son and i want to do megas xlr costumes, i want to be Kiva! What do you guys think?
  15. We play in the woods behind my house, it is soooo fun, we have themes, we play in gate gear, Trek stuff, Zombies and Survivors we had Terminator and resistance so fun and my son Phillipe (13) was playing with his gun and found a secret 3rd team option if you put the switch between team one and team two you get 'team three' and the only way you are going to know how to get that is if you actually come and play on the forum you lazy pack of mongrels cause i'm not going to tell you! adi