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  1. Dragon*Con '09 after action report

    I think Rook came up with the slogan for the con: "Must sew faster...must sew faster...must sew faster"
  2. Dragon*Con '09 after action report

    Hi all. First of all, I'm going to assume it's a normal 'rookie' thing for Dragon Con to come back with a cold that kicks your ass for 4 days? That's what I thought. I just wanted to thank everyone, from Dan to Sandy and Rook and Dean and everyone else who worked so hard before and during the con. It was truly a unforgettable experience. As for suggestions, I just had a few, thinking of ways to maximize our opportunities as a group while we're at the con. 1. More photo ops for people in the group - I'm thinking maybe we can just have a different time every day, and maybe even a common costume theme, and whoever wants to show up, we do some simple group shots. (ie, on Friday make it SG-1 day, so anyone in that variety of costume shows up at one place and we do some group shots with them). 2. In terms of the fan table, I was wondering, since the track made SciFiHero a 'track partner', could we get their permission to post some banners or some kind of mini table/display, advertising the group in the track room? And even better, let one of us get up for 10 minutes twice a day (I mean in times other than panels run by Dan), in between panels, and let us give a little spiel about who we are, and how to find our table, etc? I thought the presentation to Dan with the 'track partner' award was really nice, but I think sometimes they just give the name of the site, without giving some clear indication of who we are and what we do. 3. I think overall we need media that has more images of us, in costume. Pictures of members, in their costumes, and hanging out together and having fun at events like cons, may be the best image we can project for the group. 4. If we donate any costume, I think it's really effective if the person presenting it is wearing the same costume, or the same type. For example if you're wearing a Atlantis jacket but a different color than the one being auctioned or presented, etc. At the track auction, there was a OD SG1 jacket/bdu pants Dan donated, and when they were presenting it I spoke up and said that 'I'm wearing that jacket right now'. So they asked me to stand in front so people could see, and I think people seeing someone wearing the costumes, it presents a more dramatic image. That SG1 jacket ended up going for quite a bit higher than the SGU jacket/pants that was also donated, and I wonder if it would have gone higher if we had someone in there wearing a SGU uniform? That's all I can think of offhand. I just wanted to again thank everyone who I got to meet and hang out with, everyone was really great and I can't wait until next year!
  3. D*Con 2010

    The Marriot seemed like the place to be. Gonna try to reserve a couple rooms there when they release.
  4. SciFiHero Dinner - Sunday, September 6

    I think I posted it already, but it was 'D', fried. Gotta have fried chicken in Georgia.
  5. SciFiHero Dinner - Sunday, September 6

    Please add me for 1, paypal has been sent. My choice is D, fried. Thanks!
  6. MARCON After action report

    Since I'm the new guy in SG-7, I'll go first. This was my first MARCON, but it will definitely not be the last. Overall it was a very nice sized con, with very friendly and helpful people all around, from setup till the end. Things started on Friday with the parade. Somehow I ended up tagged to carry the official con flag at the front (always with the new guy, right?), with the rest of SG-7 proudly carrying the SciFiHero banner right behind me. After the opening ceremonies, we hung out where the table was, and prepared for the main day on Saturday, and spent the night seeing a few panels. These were very interesting, especially the panel concerning 'Air Force Teleportation Experiments in 2004', where the guy running explained in great detail about the issues with the economic, political, and national security issues concerning human teleportation technology. The actual SCIENCE part of it- well he figured that out in six months. No problem there, piece of cake! On to Saturday, where thanks to all the memorabilia and other things Tom and Steve brought we were able to setup the table. Also, it was very nice of the con to give us three full tables, so we had plenty of room. But what was most exciting was the setup Steve had at the end of the table to take professional quality photographs. This included a 10 foot high 'green screen', and two backlights for perfect lighting. Because it was setup during the day, with the camera on tripod in position, we were ready at a moments notice to get amazing, perfect shots of whoever wanted. Tom had a log sheet ready, and we would take anyone's picture, and all the person would have to do is sign their name and email on the log, and we can email them when their picture is available online. Its perfect to get people to visit the site! But also, people had a great time getting their pictures taken in their various costumes, and this in and of itself drew attention to the table. After seeing the setup be so successful on Sat and Sunday, we were considering other ideas for what to do with it in the future, including having several standard backgrounds we can use to take the people's pictures from the green screen and superimpose them in a scene with a Stargate, or the dark corridor of a Battlestar, or a Firefly background, etc. It's very exciting and I would say the setup brought the table at least 10 times the attention as a normal fan table. I also noticed that we got quite a positive response from other costumers, and some showed serieous interest in the group, esp a couple of the guys from the STARS group that was there. We also had a great relationship with the other main fan table, the USS Maximillian Sci Fi club from the Columbus area, and their leaders CJ and Lisa. Thanks to Steve and Tom, we were able to hand out a lot of business cards, and if it's any indication of interest, we actually ran out of the generic 'SciFiHero' cards. The con did have a bit of a pall over it. The main literary guest of honor, Aspirin, had passed away Thurs night. They had a nice moment for him during the opening ceremonies for him. But overall, I would say the con was a success, espcially for me. New friends were made, many photos were taken (sorry Steve ), Mongolian BBQ was consumed, and new costumes were worn. Now that's what I call a good weekend. I just want to thank all the guys in SG7, starting with Steve and Tom, for helping the 'new guy'. I had a great time, and I'm already looking forward to next year!
  7. Okay, I'm trying to get these two (well three really) BSG costumes ready for next month, and I still don't have the racer tee undershirt done. I saw someone over at Colonial Fleet is selling them, but not very cheap. Where did everyone get theirs, and do they recommend going that route? Thanks!
  8. Man, I've come to the conclusion- I've never had a more love/hate relationship with any show than I do BSG. And I think the reason that is, IMO, that as GOOD as they do with dramatic pacing and basic structure with the plot elements, they just are as equally BAD when it comes to the character stuff, especially relationships. And since this year has been almost totally that- I've pretty much not liked much of it. LOL And worse than just not liking it, it's downright hard to WATCH them destroy these characters. Alright, that's too general- but here's what I mean. I get what they were trying to do here, overall. Especially with Jesu...er...Baltar's big sermon at the end. But the details for their little character deconstructions just never match what they're 'going for' as their main theme. Case in point- Chief. Man, that was one of the all time tv-breakdowns. Aaron should get an emmy for it, seriously. But in the end, it's just wasted, and it all comes off as totally self indulgent writing, with a total disconnect to me, the audience. And why? Because they're making me judge this, and I don't have enough info. Was he right? Because it's important- if his marriage was really THAT bad, if he had settled THAT much, then the self hate, can at least make SENSE after ONE EPISODE that is the 'trigger'. Because ultimately that's the connection we need to make- that his breakdown had a basis in the reality of his life. Fine. But the problem is- I don't KNOW enough to make that judgement. We got bare glimpses of his marriage with Cally, hints and bits and pieces, a few flashbacks, a few scenes that intimated they weren't always happy- well who IS in this fleet, anyway?? But I have no idea. So how can I judge properly where that...whatever... that happened in the bar in front of Adama....came from? And of course, there's no way to even begin to determine how much being a cylon has to do with it. Because the OTHER big problem I'm having this year, now that they've indicated these 'people' I've known are now cylons- well they don't ACT like cylons. Which again, for dramatic purposes, is fine- but that leaves me with absolutely no base-line to determine even the basic character motivations. It's just- all happening without rules now. And I feel disconnected from the whole thing. I hope we get some 'rules' established soon, because I think the show tends to fall apart when they decide they don't have any and they just 'wing it' in the first two acts, with just a vague sense that 'it'll all make sense in the end- don't worry!'. Although, I will take one really good thing away from this ep. Thank GOD they didn't kill Racetrack. I was literally ready to jump up when I saw where they were going, and then the crash...I was almost POSITIVE we'd lost another one. So at least Racetrack lives another week!
  9. Age of Conan & Champions online

    Stargate Worlds just opened beta registration today. This game is gonna be amazing and unlike almost every other MMO out there, IMO.
  10. Yeah, I thought that too, but then I thought- but what would she do with him? Tory is the Chief of Staff to the freakin President of the Colonies, and everyone else has military duty schedules to maintain, and Anders now has a rack in the pilots room, so really who could hide a baby like that? It took Laura and Adama to figure out a way to arrange a fake adoption for Hera the first time. My question is, what will happen when the other models discover this. They did everything they could to get Hera. Wouldn't the hybrid child of one of the legendary 'final five' be that much more important? I do agree with you about what Chief said to Cally. And I think this will backfire on Tory, and Chief will fight against his cylon programming now harder than ever.
  11. Dan, If those are screenshots, then I think that's a iPAQ 5550, with the clear case: Get a better look there. You can see in yours how the button config is the same, and the case is open where the antenna is on the left side. If it'll help to know for sure, we can just ask Joe Malozzi on his blog, he usually answers questions like that.
  12. I have to also agree with Dean, simple and more generic is best and most effective. I was thinking about this, and I will try to see if I can put something together to better explain my idea. But basically, I'm visualizing a circular patch, and the main focus will be the outline of the body of a figure, but without a head. Like a full costume held up in front of you. But here the 'costume' is split down the middle, with one side showing as a 'military' uniform- think the general form of a SG OD offworld, and the other half would be something- alien or space or sci fi related. It could be something specific, like a Firefly costume or something else that gives the idea of being 'sci fi'. The figure could be made up of upper and lower body, or even just upper body, with the miltary half a SG-like jacket with black vest. This way, while it defintely has the 'SG1' iconic image, it is generic enough to represent BSG, Colonial Marines, etc. In terms of coloring, you'd have green and black on the 'earth military' half, and something more bold for the sci fi half? Red or Blue or something, that makes it stand out. I also think there should be weapons represented, with a P-90, or Pulse Rifle, or some other 'realistic' weapon, along with something more 'sci fi' archetype, generic or specific, like a zat or staff weapon or 'space pistol' (which would prob be more recognizable to the general public). I thought they could either be placed on it's appropriate side of the costume showing, or could be 'crossed' behind costume in the center, but showing enough to be recognizable. For the rest of the patch, I think there'd be just two rings, a smaller outer and the main inner. The outermost 'ring' could have "Sci Fi Hero.net" at the top, and maybe symbols, very small but stylized like the shows we're talking about- Stargate chevron, the Firefly triangle, a mini BSG birdy, etc, spaced around the rest of the ring. They could be spaced, fairly far apart so they're not busy, or placed closer together at the bottom, leaving the sides clear. The inner circle would have "Props" above and to the left side of the costume, and other side "Costumes" (do we really need 'community'? it's kinda the whole point of a club in the first place?) You can have "Be the Hero" at the very bottom of the costume, but still in the inner ring, but like some others I'm kinda torn on that one. So I think the general idea I'm going for here is instead of specific show symbols as the primary focus, make it what we say we are: costumes and props, esp weapons. And that's my idea. Sorry I don't have some art to present, like I said I'll try to see if I can come up with something, if just to give an outline of the elements.
  13. **2008/2009 Atlantis Muster**

    Here awaiting deployment to Marcon, sir!
  14. I was thinking that too. Because- they all would have to have been at some time, right? The whole point the show made was that the cylons couldn't figure out how to birth a cylon naturally, and that Athena and Helo were the first ones, so- that means all the rest, including the 'final five' were inserted into the society somehow. Be interesting to see if the show says how that happened. But also, since the other cylons are 'frozen' in the appearance of their ages, maybe thats what made the 'Final Five' special- that they can grow and get 'old' as a normal human? That would make them the perfect sleeper agents. Insert them as kids, let them grow up as normal humans, until it's time to play the Dylan. With zitars. Now THAT is something you won't find in le Carre.
  15. Selene's Cat Suit

    Thanks for the info Callisto! And your version looks amazing!