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  1. Aloha folks. Well for a bit of background I am in the UK and going to a Scifi con in the middle of March (Scifi Weekender). I had intended to find something in the way of a cosplay for BSG (2003) to wear but it seems like all the UK based sellers have dried up and 90% of the stuff is coming from the US (with massive P&P its just not possible for me to afford it). I was wondering if anyone knew of any places around that aren't extortionate I can put together a basic setup of: Dogtags Double tank top replica patches. I can improvise with combat pants and I have some army boots but at least it will get me part way there and I can look to improve on it this year. Given my limited time frame and 6 day a week working I am not going to have much assembly time given my total lack of skills in tailoring or I'd follow one or 2 of the promising guides here. Failing that I was considering a much simpler outfit (haha) from Razor when they raided the base star in which case I just need the transfers or patches for the top and a leg holster and sidearm. Thanks for any help. James.