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  1. Colonial marine OD uniform

    Does anyone have the size details for the under barrel launcher please? Looking at using a current fn pistol as a base to try and save money as I already have one
  2. Colonial marine OD uniform

    Thank you Riceball. Looking at a small for not too much so will either have to shave it or live with it. lol
  3. Colonial marine OD uniform

    So the MICH is a definite no go? Are there any other helmets that look similar to the bad LT? Shipping may kill it if it will fit.
  4. Colonial marine OD uniform

    I have also found a medium but it's about £75. Not cheap lol. ICH I never minded wearing tbh, my replica isn't that heavy at all.
  5. Colonial marine OD uniform

    Beretta Airsoft http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/Umarex-Beretta-ARX160-Sportline-Airsoft-Rifle-Black_A1K381.aspx#.VkkHiV_fWnM
  6. Colonial marine OD uniform

    I have a MICH currently. I use it to Airsoft. How incorrect would this be?
  7. Hello from England

    Hello all. Big time galactica fan. Finally getting around to sorting out a uniform. Wanted to make a Spartan armour set from Halo but I lack the skills so I thought I'd use my favourite tv show as a basis instead.
  8. Looking to set up a marine OD uniform I wanted to know. As I'm not fond of the beretta cx4 I wanted to know if a marine on galactica would have carried the UMP? Also any ideas on the helmet. I've seen the name just can't find one to fit my 60cm melon. Thanks in advance Rob