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  1. So what's the word on RDA? If Anything?
  2. BSG Blues modifications

    You missed it!! lol. Just sent you a message
  3. BSG Blues modifications

    Oh no doubt. Had I known about this site back when I first hunted down a BSG uniform, I would've gone with him
  4. BSG Blues modifications

    Hey now Stitch, it isn't that bad, lol. Not everyone can afford the Anovos costumes, which are THE best out there. I think the one I got was a good start. it just needed to be caught up on some details. Even then I got some compliments on it, including from Michael Hogan and Kandyse McClure My friend David, his callsign is "Rock Hard" for anyone out there familiar with him, got the exact same suit and had Dan fix it, and it looks great! I think it's worth it. Oh, and power543, my jacket has silk lining inside it. It's actually a very comfy jacket (unless you're outside in the unbearable heat). Is yours just the fabric itself with no lining?
  5. BSG Blues modifications

    Oh no doubt it needed work, thus why I've been modifying it The pins they included were crap, not even close to accurate, and the buttons were just standard everyday buttons. I replaced both of those on my own, but it still needed work - that's where Dan comes in. I'm having the shoulder pads replaced with the propper suede, getting the more accurate BSG patch that's golden, fixing the piping to be more accurate, and adding the clips to the cuffs.... I think that was all, haha. Should look great then I didn't get the impression it was too thin though. In fact I thought it might be rather thick. You got yours from the site I linked?
  6. Hey guys, I was just curious if anyone ever had Dan modify blues originally bought from here: http://cosplaystation.ca/commission149.html and if you have pics you'd be willing to share I just sent mine out this weekend and I'm just really excited to see the results. Figured why wait and get some early impressions from others!
  7. SG-1 sources?

    I'm like 80 pounds heavier and 10 inches wider - and I just got a tad bit more depressed, lol. I don't see myself doing the medium, as nice as that would be. These sizes are nuts. I'll be very happy when I get all this figured out!
  8. SG-1 sources?

    And actually I'll tell you what I did and maybe that'll help, cause I really misread these sizing charts the first time. For pants, my size is 36x32. I figured the BDU pants would fit the same and went with the Large Regular, but it's looking like I'll need XLR instead. Seems to me someone said (probably you Riceball) that I should get the next size up anyways, just so I have enough room and can tighten it with the belt. As for the shirt, I always get XL Tall (I'm 6'0"). So with the BDUs I saw the 'long' option and figured that was the same thing. As I said, I got the potato sack. My hands barely poke out from the cuffs, lol. I'm thinking I'll need a Large Regular, but of course I have every intention to find a surplus store to find out *exactly* what I need.
  9. SG-1 sources?

    Yeah, I had considered going to a surplus store as you suggested but was just SO sure I had it figured out. Plus Dan confirmed it for me... What's with the height measurements for the BDU shirt?
  10. SG-1 sources?

    Ok... so I got the stuff today, and what a surprise, I messed up the order by getting the wrong sizes. I swear, it'll be a wonderous day when I order stuff for cosplay and actually get it right the first time through. Anyways, I just wanted to double check about the BDU shirt, is it supposed to be baggy? I mean, I know it isn't supposed to be tight, but I feel like I'm wearing a potato sack with what I got. I ordered an XL Long but apparently I should've knocked it down to a Large. Otherwise the color looks fine to me, just need to get the order right
  11. SG-1 sources?

    Wow guys, thanks for all the input! Skully, I really appreciate the pics you posted, that definately helps. It's looking like the preferred choices are either Propper or Tru-spec, no one has said a yay or nay about Lawpro, which kindof sucks. I should be getting what I ordered by Monday or Tuesday and I'll post pics to see what you guys think. Worst case scenario is I just send em back and order the right brand from someone else. But as many of you have said, as long as it holds a basic resemblence it shouldn't matter. If anything, this'll be my 'casual' SG1 cosplay, which was more or less the intention, and I'll use all of this info to build on the hardcore cos in the future
  12. SG-1 sources?

    Well I had already ordered some Lawpro BDUs from Quartermaster, so I guess I'm stuck with that. I'll find out how "bad" they are soon enough, lol. But honestly I'm not too concerned with 100% accuracy... More like... in the 80-90% range, which I'd like to think I got
  13. SG-1 sources?

    Where does it say it is Propper's? I was under the impression it was from LawPro, is that the same thing? I already went over the stuff with Dan (lostncybr) and he said it was correct. I'd like to think that if it wasn't right he would've told me BUT, this is exactly what I was concerned about with these forums. There are plenty of references to *what* was used in the show, but little to no help in *where* to go to get the right stuff. Instead I just see 'go read here and you'll find it' - which ends up not being the case at all. I also belong to the official Ghostbuster fans website, and the forums they have there on what jumpsuits to get and how to accessorize, etc, are all laid out with links to online stores. They even give multiple options and rank them from the best to worst places to go, the latter of which so people don't make mistakes as so many novices do. Is there some rule against directly advertising where to go? Or did I just miss the correct forums?
  14. Hey there everyone, I'm rather new to the forum so please bare with me as I'm sure to ask all the wrong questions, lol. I've been looking into putting together what apparently is called the OD Green Garrision uniform, and come across some strong leads, however I want to be sure that what I order is right. I've made the mistake in the past of buying cosplay material without researching completely, so I want to make sure I don't repeat that! At one point I came across this guy's blog, http://stargatery.blogspot.com/2007/05/gre...pocket-bdu.html, who seems to have listed everything out and seems accurate enough (doesn't have to be 100% but close to it). What do you think? If that checks out - great! Otherwise, if you know of better sites to order from (which I'm sure you do) then please, do tell