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  1. Just wore my SG-1 O'Neill (greens) to StocktonCon and had a great response! Was wondering if any would know who SG-1 is and was pleasantly surprised! Even had a couple loud "SG-1?!?! AWESOME!!!" moments! Thanks Dan for the hat!
  2. ODST Rocks. The ODST Game Rocks. And your ODST Armor flat-out ROCKS!!! Excellent work bro, just excellent! Very inspiring!
  3. LOL! My Halo 4 rant (no spoilers)...

    Love it Russ! Couldn't agree with you more!!!! I think I want to go back and play ODST
  4. Review: Aliens Vs. Predator 2010 (XBox360)

    Thanks for the review Russ!! You're so right, it SHOULD have had co-op, we'd be playing it for days and days and days and. -Rex
  5. Crossover Viper Pilot Jacket

    That...is FRAKKIN AWESOME!!!! Great idea!!!
  6. I can do this- got a screen accurate SG-1 green offworld outfit, with correct vest and a zat! Also have a screen accurate SG-Atlantis "Sheppard" jacket, pants dropdown and inaccurate vest...
  7. Excellent research guys! I was talking to Rook just now, and damn, if we could get that AVPAT down, how many do you think would suit up? 5-6? A dozen? I'd be up for a set, thinking of doing the Col. (would be my first bad guy costume! )
  8. Schmootika's Groups Starship Troopers Costumes

    Sorry to hear robbers got your tools!! Man, that is friggin' awful! A man's tools, put together over a lifetime too. The SST molds look great!! LMK if you ever need help pourin' any, I live down the road from you in Dixon
  9. FS - Aliens USCM Armor, Denix replica & TIE chest box

    That's pretty darn cool! Right on! And Russ, this armor not only -Fits- it's comfortable to wear for long periods. I wore mine on set for 12 freakin' hours once! I didn't mention it earlier, but the new MAA Fiberglas armor I made last summer about killed me- all the heating, fitting etc. still got me pinched in the side- just under the buckles- my side was literally bruised. But I gave it all for the Corps! Is this armor "Dietrich" or "Hicks' sized? Many Thanks!!
  10. FS - Aliens USCM Armor, Denix replica & TIE chest box

    I wore a set of Hi-Impact USCM Armor. It was...superb. Always wanted a set. Money's pretty tight right now, just started back up working again after on unemployment for 4 months. Would you be able to sell a set down the road? Say in 1-2 months? Or payments? LMK-

    Congratulations Dan! That's a sweeet set you snagged! I just built mine this past summer, and it can be a real booger at times. Lmk if you need any help bro!
  12. My Dex Gun

    Looks gooood! Nice idea to mount it!
  13. Halo Weapon specs

    There's a fellow over at the 405th, LeeKeegan, who has made a superb pistol and smg. Not that they couldn't be recreated, but he did one helluva job. Also, there's the Pulse Rifle and Plasma Pistol- laser tag versions which sound awesome!! Great light and vibration effects too.
  14. ODST release party pictures

    I'd like to see some detailed pics of Dare if you could Johnny! Also, my gamertag is Gunnarr1