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  1. Pretty cool eh? It really works! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXUuieR5R7M
  2. From therpf: We've touched on this project on and off in a couple threads now, but neither a finished product nor a completed kit has not yet been available. I'm using this thread to combine the links and information for a complete kit of hard parts, and the leather part will be completed by others (probably Risu.) Here's the pic Risu posted of my oval buttons and faceplate, and the found part button. I'll be updating this first post with links pictures and descriptions of what you need to get this project done. First up, we've got the buckle for the strap. There are options, depending if you want the bar permanently attached, or if you want to use a watch band bar, and also if you want the injection molding marks or not. You can order this in nylon, resin, or bronze infused stainless steel, which is the recommended option. vortex watch buckle by baltimore on Shapeways http://shpws.me/2BWm http://shpws.me/2BWo Round Button For accuracy, find an old Samsung A300 phone and use the center button, since this is a found part. If you don't want to find the phone, then buy a cast from protokev, or buy a 3d printed one from me on shapeways. For all options, you'll need to glue it on yourself. http://shpws.me/2BXQ Oval Buttons The ones I have are aparently too small and I will be sizing the ones I've made up a bit, and reuploading them to the site. the link to the old buttons is here, but if you buy them now, they will have a 1mm gap all the way around when you put them through the faceplate. Make sure you set the quantity to 3. http://shpws.me/2BXA Mesh Screen The lower right corner of the faceplate needs a speaker mesh or a screen. this part is not found, and I am not providing it. If someone has a source or is offering them, I'll post that link here. Faceplate Here is the plain faceplate you'll need. You will have to sand the metal if you want a smooth finish. Alternatively, you can order it in one of the silver options, which will be more expensive, but smoother, and real silver. http://shpws.me/Z1o
  3. sure, it's rapid prototyping (RP). but now it's cheap enough and widely available enough for people to use RP as finished products. I have a store online where people buy little items i've designed and they are made-to-order and shipped right from the rapid prototyping place right to the customer. i mainly use autocad
  4. Farpoint 2011

    me and a bunch of the local 501st members will be there =)
  5. I've sent out nearly 50 of them so far to rpf people at $125. it's a lot of work to make each one, plus all the time to get it done. tblatt@gmail.com is the fastest way to reach me
  6. cgi = computer generated image physical model building = making real objects i guess what i do is cgpm cgpm = computer generaled physical models i can tell the computer to give me a real physical object however i draw it.
  7. green lantern and sinestro or email tblatt@gmail.com for one direct. check out more pics there on the auction
  8. if you're interested, send me an email tblatt@gmail.com limited run. i have more updated pics
  9. every thing you see in the picture is 3d printed, except for the center gem ring base is 3d printed stainless steel infused with bronze, and the logo piece is 3d printed resin using the SLA process, and then i dyed it green. the final ring which will be available in approximately three weeks will be more accurate shape, surface roughness, and color. i gotta charge a bit for it, but hey, it'll be perfect
  10. custom vortex manipulator

    its $58 for the faceplate you'll have to get your own leatherwork done. i'm offering that metal piece, and the buttons. if you want to be accurate, go and find the round cellphone button on the left yourself. here is a link to the faceplate, make sure you choose the metal material. stainless steel is shown. faceplate buttons are here
  11. about three weeks and these will be ready. here are the prototype rings:
  12. custom vortex manipulator

    I got you covered... it's stainless steel the round button there is the actual button they used. tblatt at gmail dot com i dont check this forum too often.
  13. http://www.scifihero.net/forums/index.php?...ic=7516&hl=