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  1. Tru-Spec OD BDU's & Nomex Flight Suit

    I'm too big for them, but I wish you the best with your auction!
  2. I missed out on that tee, but I'll be keeping track on them from now on! They had some really inventive t-shirt designs. Too bad you can't can't buy old ones. An awesome find! Thanks for posting!
  3. At first, when I saw the trailer, I thought the ring and lantern were over-designed. Now, looking at the pics, I'm starting to warm up to the ring. (Just the ring.) zenix, your ring prototype looks great! Is the green portion (the lantern symbol part) tooled metal or molded plastic?
  4. Sommers Chroma Fabric for BSG Viper Flight Suit

    Hello. I am a very recent addition to this forum and I am looking for four yards of the authentic Sommers High Intensity Chroma satin Stretch (gold/ silver with green/purple) as well. To be sure, i am looking to sew my own flight suit as opposed to buying one. If anyone can help me out or point me the way, I would appreciate it. BTW, Merry Christmas!
  5. Thank you so much for the wealth of research info! I just got into BSG this summer and I hope to make my flight suit someday soon. To that end, can you please tell me what the width of the silver cuffs are at the wrist and ankle? The way I eyeball them, they seem to be 2 1/4" and 2 1/2" respectively. And while I'm at it, as i can't get a hold of a Nixon dork, what are the dimensions of the watch's face?
  6. BSG Viper Flight Suit Chroma Run

    I just recently got into BSG hard, and I am very interested and searching to put in for some Sommers fabric. What's the status of the order?
  7. Wow! An awesome wealth of info! I would like to add Fashion Fabrics Club to the mix. Although I wish they didn't limit samples and had less shipping fees for samples, I've been really satisfied by them before! http://www.fashionfabricsclub.com/
  8. Actor and Trekker! - Greetings!

    It's a pleasure to meet you both here!
  9. Hello folks! I'm Briareos, or Brian if you will, and I'm a professional actor based out of Northern California, semi-professional property master (prop maker), and amateur costume and sound designer. I'm very glad to finally post here after months of carefully perusing your forum; I only just finished watching the re-imagined series last month. I finally got into BSG this past summer and I LOVE IT! Although so many friends and acquaintances praised this show through the years, I was still catching up and finishing Star Trek and other shows through the wonder of Netflix. Then, on a whim, I put the BSG miniseries disc to the top of my cue and sat down with a few friends this past August- and we were HOOKED! I had never had such a bad case of TV crack before, past the degree I had with 24- and rightfully so. Battlestar is one of the greatest shows/stories EVER. Even though I will always be a lifelong Star Trek fan, (no disrespect here) in many ways R&D's BSG trumps it. I love the drama taken to the most extreme life-and-death stakes, the fearlessness of "going there", the awesome opportunities afforded the actors to explore, the amazing space battles, the cool costumes of Deborah Everton and Glenne Campbell, the beautiful and powerful score of Bear McCreary, etc etc. Though I feel like I've come very late to the party, I will be contributing a lot here and will do my best to keep the forum going strong! In particluar, I'll be asking a lot of questions concerning costumes- I plan (through the years) to make the OD BDU, Duty Blues, and of course, the Viper flight suit! Thank you guys for the wealth of information and research you've posted concerning the costumes, in particular Hairy43, dsw_777, and lostncybr. Furthermore, I'll be making the call in the proper thread to see what folks wanna go in on buying a bulk of Sommer's Chroma Satin stretch fabric for the flight suits. (On a different note, if you want to check out my Star Trek handiwork, search: Klingon Hamlet on youtube or follow the link here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiRMGYQfXrs)