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  1. Halo Reach DMR for sale

    So in order for me to go to dragon con i am selling my DMR , some of you saw it last year in the parade, here is a picture i am asking about 250 for it OBO please let me know send me a pm please
  2. very sir. is that a Sean Bradly kit?
  3. SciFiHero.net Annual DCon dinner

    dan call me if you need to fedex anything we can use my account for it juts give me a call
  4. Siler's costume

    i might have a big wrench mold that i can make you a flex foam wrench in it would look solid like hard plastic painted tolook liek metal but actuall it foam so it bends and you can wack people with it
  5. okay riceball. i will see what ihave in pics since they were filming in Chicago for the movie, i will see what i have form the back of the armor, i may even post the pics of the new and improved optimus prime they had cruising Chicago last week. give me a little time and i will post what i can
  6. New halo weapons

    here is a brand new halo reach Knife and here is my new M6 G, M6C Magnun, and the M6S [ODST] and they are all for sale pm me for info. Gun knife
  7. WTB: Zat Gun (Closed Version) Cast Or Built UP

    send me a pm i have one i can part with
  8. sky captain form sky captain and the world of tomorrow
  9. SG cast group for D*C

    Just a little thing here my dad and mom for that matter have marched with you guys the past 2 dragon con and my mom , thank to tempest, has Dr Janet Fraisher dress and doctor uniform done and is going next year and will help out with this, and dad does have the general jack uniform. tot let me know and i will post pics soon
  10. Halo Armor for sale

    price has gone down since this is a need to sell pm me for price
  11. Halo Armor for sale

    its actually molded armor not pep or vac formed, its al made of smooth cast 320
  12. Halo Armor for sale

    Hey all as some of you know i was recently married and as the wife and i move soon i have to part wiht my halo armor for now, so i am selling it, it is the armor i wore at dragon con last year and here is the video of it armor video Also i am selling a rough cast recon Helmet as well, here is the video recon helm Pm me for prices
  13. SciFiHero.net Annual DCon dinner

    i can help out with waltz and tango dance i learned those for my wedding last saturday
  14. i so loved rocking those black avator glasses that weekend, it was a blast
  15. well if you are looking for the halo 3 marine armor i know as soon as it gets warmer i am vac forming mine again if uc an wit a few months u can get some then