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  1. SG-2...Can you read me?

    If some regional team can live up, it's still a good thing!
  2. Has anyone looked at the "FLAT EARTH" concept?

    Funny because I have some colleagues having been to Antarctica for reasearch there (abouth urchins ^^) and not "saving the penguins", and funny thought, they did come there, and back, without falling off board... Oh, and by the way, there are some touristic trips to Antarctica coasts you know, Google it. Before being charged, I do have seen many "proofs" and demonstrations proposed by FE, and I'm still not convinced: so much contradiction, so few real replicable arguments. But as an educated PhD holder in Earth Sciences, I might be part of the conspiration ^^ (damn, they didn't even paid me, I would need it so hard though...). Only "worship" I see here if your belief Ryan, arguing like you do is NOT the way inciting people into according you credit, on the very contrary, it does only add to the disbelief, as you're throwing random thoughts and videos, often the same, while never discussing the other side. You told Lee and I that we do not see the arguments of the other side while you are in fact the one not doing it... I already discussed some of the "points" and I won't come back on it. About such things as "seing clouds behind the sun", well just take a Maglight, put on a smoke machine, look at the maglight directly and through the smoke, and you'll see the clouds of smoke behind the light too... Simple basic optical illusion, same work as mirages. But, after all, FE-ists are roaming the place since the age of Internet, 30 years of so are SO significant in regard to 2500 years of educated studies that date back as long as Ancient Greece (and yet that we know off)... Everyone has right to an opinion, better if it's different, but one cannot impose its views! Ryan, you just can't continue throwing off your pamphlets to try impose your point of view when other people have the right to discuss them, to criticize them, and to reject them while proposing an other idea. If you really want your alternative concept to be taken with serious and respect, start by showing the same defference that Lee or I have shown by proposing, calmy, some arguments and accepting that we discuss them constructively. For me, everything that is shown in your YT video have no value at all. While I agree to say it's good entertainment to see because it's funny, but it got no real value. Why so? Just one thing: it's on YT and not on publications. Every view has to be supported by other mean that belief and "It's right because I told you so". Show me only ONE scientific publication in a reknown scientific journal and I will concede credit, because it will prove that real study and work have been done, challenged and prooved by a panel of specialists whose job is to check that. THAT is how science work, being constantly challenged and questionned to find best explanation for things. Here, there are just random thoughts, thrown off between fruit and dessert, without relevant elements backing it off. So, as you tell us so many times to do "our research", it's now my turn to tell you to go to Google Scholar (the real Google for REAL scientific works) => http://scholar.google.com There, search for scientific articles that deal with FE concepts, and if you find some that are relevant, post the links here, and be sure I will read them through as they are journal articles, accepted to be published after review. Oh and by the way, thanks a lot for telling me that my job and myself we are "a joke and worthless"... if that is not insulting, I don't know what it could be... Last thing, from the "Moderator" side and apart any personal POV: I've seen some things in the previous posts that cannot be tolerated on this board (such as insults, ad hominem attacks). If the discussion cannot desescalate to come back to a normal and amicable discussion level, as Moderator of SFH, I will shut it down. This is only call!
  3. imdb reviews

    On Stargate Fusion, hub to the french-speaking community, reviews are extremely bad for the whole 10 episodes, with mixed reviews being the best.
  4. The ships of Stargate: SG-1

    Nice for any database, thx for reposting!
  5. SGC Original Design Patches

    I'm more for v2, more contrast makes it more legible from afar
  6. Can't wait to see them "in the flesh" :-P
  7. Hi everyone, welcome to the newest version of SciFiHero.net and SG-Command.com!

    Make you at home and let's discuss out of this world costuming ;)

  8. Trouble with site?

    I do thanks ​I think that some the traffic hit a very deep low because of the server problem we had, but the Stargate section is on its way to be revamped, as it is now accessible through the URL http://www.sg-command.com as it's being brought back by our most fervent members
  9. Trouble with site?

    Let's hope it lasts ^^
  10. At some point, we were talking about Adidas GS-9 boots, but can't remeber if it was for TF3 or TF2?...
  11. Colonial Digital Camo Uniform

    Riceball came first and told what I had to told. I can add that digital fabric is available by the yard on eBay too if needed To be more precise about these uniforms, there were sold by tru-spec, as Digital Urban MCCUU. I know it for sure, because I had a shirt bought for a friend, and I modded it to make a Stargate Atlantis Marines BDU, flipping up the chest pockets and removing the arm ones. (I may still have the arm pockets, but I can confirm that the camo was a dark grey pattern, much like the now discontinued dark "urban" variation of the UCP that was available by that time in ACU cut too ). EDIT : I just came upon one ORIGINAL tru-spec MCCUU in L size! : https://www.ebay.com/itm/TRU-SPEC-Special-Forces-Gray-Subdued-Urban-Digital-ACU-Camo-Large-Regular-Jacket/262992486671?hash=item3d3b92e10f:g:6e0AAOSwK6RZHh7H
  12. Scrooge McDuck - Ducktales

    Hi there everyone! I checked for some times before posting to have the right section, but I think this one is fine. So here we are, let me introduce you my Scrooge McDuck costume, Ducktales version (series and movie)! Well, to be fair, it's not technically my costume, but the one I made for my 1:1 scale duck plush. I made it to stick with the "duck" theme of the Kamo Con, a recent yearly convention in my hometown of Dijon during which I am boothtender with a GC Costuming exhibition. It's made using remnants of fabric from other project (like the red parts are from the Trek TOS service dress I made for my fiance), but I'm really glad with the final result and the matching custom made accessories (hat, binocle, shoes and cane). Here are two pictures of the costume, worn by my very own Oncle Scrooge More pictures and detailed views are available on my page (way easier than to upload and host every pics, and you can react on them too ): https://www.facebook.com/pg/GC.Costuming/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1952433158310302 Enjoy
  13. My Atlantis finest costumes

    Lol ^^ Now I have some free weeks before I have any new position, I fill the time by making what I couldn't do earlier this year ^^
  14. My Atlantis finest costumes

    Thx a lot Phil! Yes the new is way better in terms of fitting. Can't wait to ramake my own ^^