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  1. Comic Con NOLA

    awesome! i was in my deck orange in line to speak with Mary Mcdonell, was that you that came by to talk with me? Agreed, Dans kits are pretty nice. The cylon is Shane Dison, TK3268 from Bast Alpha Garrison, 501st Legion. Hes got two of the best Klingons I have seen anywhere! And hes a Xenomorph!
  2. Hello all. I am currently working on a yellow deck crew coverall including helmet. Instead of the black bag at the hip I have commissioend a yellow bag patterned after USN flight deck mechanic hip bags, to include velcro straps at the front to hold a typical fligthlight. The bag will be used to hold the Bayco lights when Im not holding them in my hands plus whatever else I want to throw in there for big cons. Im having the yellow coveralls made from scratch to fit me, orange is easy in the Redkap/AWW line, yellow, eh, not so much. the helmet is patterned after the typical USN crewman cranial with leatther straps and dyed liner, just as my orange is. I make my own JVC headphones from scratch. I just made up my third pair of headphones yesterday and primed them--they will get a second coat of primer today and then on to paint. I will reuse my vest and make new cuffs from my leftover rubber from Canal Rubber. I just need the pistol belt....and I have completely mislaid my new goggles I got for the project. They WERE with the helmet on a foam head...hmmm.. On to some photos: