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  1. oooh! I'm so jealous!!! looking great so far!
  2. Real Name: Jennifer Age: 27 Occupation: Full Time Student (BS in Computer Science, Honors Program), Hostess at Olive Garden, and Photographer Marital Status: Married since 2007 Kids: 2 boys, aged 4 and 7 Costuming history: Fell in LOVE with BSG and decided I was going to make a BDU- that's about the short of it! Always loved costumes but never found one that 1) would be relatively easy to make and 2) i loved enough to make
  3. Making my BDU!

    Did a photoshoot for a photography class at school and I used my BDU!! Here's one of the shots!
  4. Tags/Off Duty clothes

    Ah....I seee......much nicer!
  5. Starting on a set of BDUs

    I HATE those sweatshirts though! I think Kara had a zip up sweatshirt at some point...for now I just settled for an olive drab fleece with the brownish patch I had laying around...Easy way to make a BSG shirt without paying the price! [not screen acurate at all....but perfect for fan wear!]
  6. Making my BDU!

    HAHAHA I know right....it's not like someone will pull out a ruler and yell at me because my uniform isn't to regulations....I don't find Adama that strict!
  7. Tags/Off Duty clothes

    the site I linked also personalized the dog tags as well...trying to hint to my husband to get them for me!
  8. Making my BDU!

    Way to pop my bubble there Lostncybr! It's a 4in patch...I'll fix it some day...took me like 1.5 hrs to sew on by hand so I'm not really in a rush to change it to be honest >< LOL.. I might look into that paint though...sounds easy enough! Where all the buckles goldish? I thought some were black...
  9. Two questions bunched into becuase I don't know if these have already been answered...I flipped through all 5 pages here, but didnt see anything relating to the 2. 1.) Does anyone on here make the dog tags other than going to https://store.qmxonline.com/Battlestar-Gala...-Tags_p_21.html (though I like becuase it comes with other fun props) 2.) Does anyone have any insight into the off duty clothes (ie sweatpants/sweatshirts and anything else typical BSHg). I feel like the sweatshirts are just grey ones with a patch on it...am I wrong? Thakn you!!
  10. Starting on a set of BDUs

    Are you using the sweatshirt with a patch? For like their "off duty" clothes? I would love me a pair of BSG comfy clothes!
  11. Making my BDU!

    Lieutenant Jennifer "Aurora" Clark reporting for duty
  12. Making my BDU!

    The moment is finally here! I just have to attach the patch and I am done! OMG! Cannot believe it! Getting really excited now!
  13. Where does one get that nifty quad USB hub?
  14. Hello! Trying to figure out if anyone has ideas on what are the pouches are on the belt? I went to my local army navy store and bought a cheap belt and a holster (both not identical to bsg props, but similiar enough I'll get by for now) trying to figure out what other pouches are on the belt...mace pouch and a cuff pouch?
  15. Making my BDU!

    did you post a new thread or just what was posted in here? I did redo the belt loops and it looks much better! Haven't had time to work on cuffs yet since my 3 year old has been sick :/