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  1. BSG Flightsuit: How-To Guides?

    Ah, that clears it up. Looks like they're all out of BSG stuff though. If all else fails I'll just fall back on the BDU route. Those look much easier to make.
  2. BSG Flightsuit: How-To Guides?

    Where's the best place to pick up the CostumeBay version? Google's only results were ad sites and references leading back here.
  3. I'm pretty late into getting into this stuff, but I'm interested in putting together a BSG flightsuit. I've done some web searching and looked at the guides here, but the guides only go as far as what kind of materials you need, where to get them, and they provide some reference pictures. What I haven't been able to find are instructions for actually putting the thing together. My sewing experience is limited to putting on patches, so cutting the fabric, putting it all together, and sewing it together are completely new to me. Does anyone know of any step-by-step guides? Also, I noticed that the majority of the materials are not sold anymore. Are there any good alternative materials that are "close enough"? Thanks