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  1. Galacticon 3 - Who's going?

    "Recruiting " was a bad word choice. I meant open enrollment. I surmised that the group is selective from reading the info on the TCF site and here, and that is okay with me. Definitely like the motto. Thank you for the insight. I wil try to hang out as much as I can between panels and photo ops. Will you be attending the ice breaker Wednesday night?
  2. Galacticon 3 - Who's going?

    I am looking forward to the panels!
  3. Thank you. I used a machine. I would have never finished in time.
  4. Galacticon 3 - Who's going?

    Any chance TCF will be recruiting???
  5. Here's the finished product..I wish I would have found scifi hero before we started. Lol
  6. Galacticon 3 - Who's going?

    Thanks for the info. I am looking forward to meeting serious fans . I will definitely find the Alchemy Arms booth. -Harold
  7. Thank you. The tutorial was incredibly helpful. I would have been lost without it. I ended up starting at the collar sewing the top part down, then the curved in the sleeve, then the sleeve portion last. The template was invaluable for the suede. Worked like a champ! Thanks again.
  8. Colonials, Who's going to the Convention?
  9. Hello Fellow colonial refugees, shin jobs, and toasters! Real name: Harold (Call sign- Aristotle) Age: Too old to admit, but young at heart. Occupation: Proud retired military veteran Married 16+ no little ones. Costumes: BDU's I am huge fan of the re-imagined series. I attended the Galacticon exhibit in Seattle, in 2010, where I met Bear and some of the writers. I love most Sci-fi, and fantasy. However, vampires should not sparkle. I was an SCA member for a couple of years many moons ago. My first con was Star Trek, where I met Nichelle Nichols in the 80's. Recently, I attended the Emerald City Comic Con. Military service preempted me from catching most of BSG while it was at its zenith, so now I am catching up with the cons and fans to help keep BSG alive! Really amped about attending Galacticon3! I hope to meet you there! Good hunting! Harold!
  10. Colonial refugees, I am assembling my 1st costume for Galacticon3, and need some assistance getting the shoulder suede right on the gren BDU's. How do I get the curve right where the patch goes down the sleeve? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Good Hunting! -Harold