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  1. That's the left shoulder you lunatic, which we already identified!!!! We need the right shoulder!!!!! RIGHT SHOULDER PEOPLE!!!
  2. No one has the DVDs or what?
  3. What started off as a joke between me and Stitch has turned into a fullblown hunt for a specific patch. We are trying to identify the patch worn on the right shoulder of the Russian crew of the Korolev. These uniforms can be seen in the SG-1 season 9 episode "Camelot", the last episode of that season, and also a little bit in the season 10 premiere. We doubt it is a custom patch because no one has seen a Korolev patch before after the many auctions that went on after the show was cancelled. Legends, Propstore, and finally Propworx all didn't sell the Russian uniforms as far as anyone knows. Another reason to doubt that it is a custom patch is that the patch on the left shoulder has been positively identified as a real world Russian Space Forces patch, and as luck would have it Garry Chalk (Colonel Chekov) is a Facebook friend of mine and he helped us identify it! That patch looks like this: The patch on the right shoulder that we are looking for can be partially seen in this screencap from Gateworld. This was the best image of it I found on Gateworld. I don't own the DVDs for season 10, so maybe there's a better image of it that can help us identify this patch! Let the hunt begin!
  4. I'm not giving up on a working Zat, but QMX's prices are all ridiculous and I would never pay full price for anything they make. Remember their first run of Mal guns? Solid resin, nothing special at all. IIRC they were going for $150, but a while later they liquidated that stock at $20 a pop. Oh but wait, they're selling the same damn gun for $150 again. So screw QMX, I'm gonna make my own working zat, and if you people are lucky I might even make a few copies.
  5. That's a fantastic fan sculpt! Not sure I have pics, but the detail on the real masks is ridiculous, and in several cases totally unecessary. There are lines behind the head, tons of details on both sides of the fans, and most surpirsingly there is detail on the inside of the tail that hangs down the back. That's the most ridiculous thing, the inside of the tail can't be seen on screen no matter what from any angle ever. A real testament to the talent and commitment the sculptors put into the movie masks.
  6. I'm working on a new project called S.T.U.D. (Survive The UnDead). We're just getting started, we have a couple of videos up with several more filmed and being edited as we speak. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook! S.T.U.D. on FaceBook S.T.U.D. YouTube channel Please subscribe, it's going to be fun!
  7. Just noticed in the pics, looks nice. Still prefer the Python even though it's technically wrong. I put real rubber Pachmeyer grips on mine, looks pretty sweet.
  8. The base weapon for both type of clamshell is a Smith & Wesson model 686 L-frame revolver. The fan models have all incorrectly used the Colt Python. Personally I like the look of the gun with a Python in it better than the 686.
  9. Sorry I was late to this. The vest material comes from Sommers, the suit fabric is Spradling.
  10. Wolf Pack Party - Friday 10pm - 2:00am
  11. Back when Stargate still mattered we had a large, impressive group marching in the parade. The last two years not so much. Either we show up in force and represent both SFH and Stargate or we march with other groups. Personally, I've been wanting to march as BSG for some time now and likely will be with the TCF this year.
  12. Jaffa costume on eBay...

    AHAHAHAHA, that is definitely Zat's auction though.
  13. Jaffa costume on eBay...

    That's not me you a-holes. LMAO And Jaffa aren't really my type. I do feel sorry for the people who won the Asgard puppets though.
  14. Ianto Prop Ideas?

    The head of a Cyberwoman?