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The Matrix - Seraph

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I know that kung fu jackets and shirts abound on the internet, so I wouldn't be here unless I was suffering from a serious case of the canon bug.


Basically, I'm looking for a kung fu jacket that matches the one Seraph wears in Reloaded and Revolutions as closely as possible. This link gives a pretty good idea of the general features. The ones I've been able to find on the internet usually have one or more of the following differences:


1. Buttoned or binding sleeves. The picture clearly indicates that Seraph's sleeves are loose.


2. Black buttons/trim on white; aside from being a bit dirtied up, Seraph's jacket is all white on the outside. Most of the stuff I've been able to find that doesn't have the black on white has been kung fu shirts, which are lighter weight and look flimsier; I'd really prefer to find a jacket made of thicker material.


3. Outside pockets. The picture I linked to doesn't clearly show it because it cuts off, but from what I can tell, Seraph's jacket doesn't have pockets. As with the black on white problem, most of the stuff without pockets has been shirts and not jackets.


Mostly I'm just curious if anybody has seen anything for sale on the net that looks to be a close match. If not, I can probably settle for a few of the jackets I've seen, though I would prefer not to.

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I would assume it was likely a custom made piece. It appears to be a medium weight farbric that is lined with probably a light or medium weight lining.


Can you sew? You could pretty easily find that pattern and put one together yourself. Or if you can't sew and you want to be canon, find the pattern and materials and commission someone to make it for you.


You could probably buy those types of buttons, and the most complicated part looks to be the stitching on the collar runner.

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