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Major Hamilton

Stargate SG7 -=New Frontiers=-

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Hello Community,


We all know about the current situation at MGM and that there are no new Stargate films in production. So its our part as fans to hold the franchise alive.

I'm also a big SG Fan so I decided to make my own Film. Many people say that but nothing happens. Because of that I want to show you the intro of the Film.

The story is not very complicate so it is more realistic to finish the film.


The text at the end of the intro is in German so I translate it with my bad English ^^:




A year has passed since the defeat of the Ori


There is peace in the galaxy


But there are still those who want to destroy this peace


A new emerging System Lord named Amenophis attacked the planet-P7x 32-11


Enemy troops surprised Lieutenant Williams team and killed all instead of him


Complete alone with no hope of rescue he fight for his own to survive




My aim is to create a complete new Stargate series with its own character and storyline based on Stargate SG1. First real scenes will be finished this summer.



And here the intro, I hope you enjoy.







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Looks good, and I wish you luck. How did you get MGM to give you permission to use their logo and movie intro?

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I agree with Mike, you may be carefull, a MMO game, same kind of game than OGame if you know, used the Stargate name, and some pictures from the series, and they had troubles with the MGM here in France :s


I think it's just a nonsense, but well, be carefull.


Anyway, your works look great, hope to see more soon.

I wish you the best, as I'm making my own fanseries too, I know it's a huge work ;) Let's continue this !

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